The following is a compilation of several projects I have worked on individually and in groups both in and out of a master’s program at ITP.

Color Wall

My teammate and I wanted to explore and broaden the boundaries around play.

Play here, don’t play here. Be quiet. We are indoors. Stay on the page.

We chose to recreate a childhood experience that is often prescribed by adults. We created an experience where children can draw on a wall.

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While there have been significant strides in prosthetic technology, comparatively little progress has been made to the interface between the user and the device. Sockets that form the interface between the patient and the device are static, whereas limbs are dynamic. The limbs themselves experience shape change daily, seasonally, and progressively. Many users put on and take off layers of socks throughout the day to keep their sockets attached. A friend and I created a company based on an idea for a new type of prosthetic socket which molds to the residual limb every time the patient dons the device.

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Can a computer effectively engage a child in an open-ended conversation that ignites their curiosity and transforms their learning experience?
Willo is a chatbot which uses a conversational interface to engage children in an open-ended exploration of the world. Willo asks questions about natural phenomena and encourages children to develop possible solutions based on their own ideas and experiences.

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