by: emmanuel klein, angela perrone, regina vetka



Design Challenge


Create an experience that is light, fun, and transports you outside the city.




Space is finite. We live in cities, enter buildings, apartments, and rooms going evermore into smaller and smaller spaces progressively into more and more synthetic ordered spaces. What if you went in,  but entered into something expansive and natural? “now,here” aims to be an immersive outdoor space, indoors, that takes the user on a journey to the middle of nowhere, in the middle of somewhere. Enter, explore, interact, be nowhere, somewhere.




Enter now,here by crawling through a small space on the floor and entering an infinite space in the middle of a forest. Experience 24 hours of time in a vast forest in 1 minute and a half, without ever leaving 5×5 feet of a building in the middle of Manhattan. You can disappear to nowhere, in the vast expanse of somewhere.


How it Works


Visual – Using back projection and projection mapping an animation created the visual sense of an outdoor tent.

Auditory – A soundtrack added to the experience of being surrounded by forest life.

Tactile – Dirt and moss were added to the floor to give a forest floor feel.

Smell – Adding moisture to the moss created an aromatic experience of dirt, growth, and a slightly decaying foliage.


Treasure Hunt, by Jee Young Lee